What is Polyurea Ballistic Protection?

ArmorThane, a leading provider of polyurea, chose ArmorLiner as the go-to product for ballistic protection over other options purely based on its overall performance, quality, and more affordable Price. ArmorLiner has proven to be extremely durablea and tough. We have examined the needs of body armor buyers and determined that ArmorLiner coated armor is the best choice for them.

What is Polyurea?

Polyurea, an advanced spray-applied polymer, is quick curing and has exceptional physical properties, such as flexibility, durability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength. Polyurea is applied using special equipment at 250°F in high-pressure conditions as a coating for ballistic armor. Polyurea's high reactivity and moisture insensitivity make it a good choice for coating our advanced body armor plates. Polyurea has a strength of 6000psi (40MPa tensile) and more than 500% elongation making it an extremely durable coating. 

When deciding which type of material is best for a specific situation, here are some questions to ask:

  • How important is Price?
  • How important is buoyancy?
  • What is the importance of doubling product life?
  • How often are the plates to be removed and inserted into carriers?

To determine the right rifle plate cover material, weigh your questions with the answers listed below.


  • Polyurea weighs approximately 0.25 lb. when applied at 1/16 inch to the entire plate.
  • Polyurea protects the plate better than other competing coating types from weather conditions. (Specifically chemicals and inserting/removing the plate).
  • Polyurea is an average of 15% less expensive.
  • Polyurea is mostly used for rigid body armor.
  • Polyurea doubles the life of your plates, effectively reducing the overall cost of plates by half.

You can continue the debate over which option is best for you by calling ArmorThane at 800.227.2905 or contacting them here. They would love to answer your questions.

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