Ballistics & Polyurea Coatings

When protective coatings are considered for application work, traditional uses such as concrete coating, waterproofing, abrasion protection, steel corrosion protection; and, other protective applications are the norm. However, there is a whole universe of other uses for protective coatings, including personal protection applications. 

The reality is that coating operations are being used for various government, military, police, and personal protection applications with excellent results. And the “polyurea” technology has been driving the way in this application area. And while there has been some misleading information presented or implied over the years, this presentation will discuss the history of this subject and polyurea and present the truth and facts; polyurea coating and lining systems are NOT bulletproof but do have ballistic properties!

Learn  More About:

  • New Advances in the Polyurea Industry related to Ballistic Applications
  • The History of Ballistic Application Work
  • Impact Resistance
  • Sealing Qualities
  • Substrate Protection
  • And more…

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